Matter of Hogen Trust B

Rodney Hogen appealed an order granting Steven Hogen's petition for approval of a final report and accounting for the Curtiss A. Hogen Trust B. In his appeal, Rodney Hogen raised multiple issues. For purposes of this decision, the North Dakota Supreme Court consolidated the issues into four related subjects involving his claims the district court erred: (1) in determining the Trust did not immediately terminate upon Arline Hogen's death; (2) in authorizing the sale of Trust property and ordering an offset of more than $300,000 from his share of the property; and (3) in awarding trustee's fees and attorney's fees. Hogen also argued (4) the trial court was not impartial. Considering these categories, the Supreme Court found no reversible error and affirmed the district court. View "Matter of Hogen Trust B" on Justia Law