Colley v. Estate of Sara Dees

Following the death of Sara Dees in February 2013, her nephew Franklin Stephens produced a will executed by Dees in September 2012 in which she bequeathed to him the vast majority of her estate. Dees's sister, Hazel Colley ("Hazel"), who had been a named beneficiary in a previous will executed by Dees, initiated an action challenging the validity of the September 2012 will. Hazel passed away while the will contest was pending, and the executor of her estate, her son Stephen Colley ("Colley"), was ultimately substituted as plaintiff. Following a jury trial, a verdict was returned in favor of Stephens and Dees's estate, and the Circuit Court accordingly entered a judgment in their favor. Colley appealed; finding no reversible error, the Alabama Supreme Court affirmed. View "Colley v. Estate of Sara Dees" on Justia Law